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DXB gigolos is the biggest and fastest growing gigolo clubs in Abu Dhabi. With over 500 active gigolos we have over 4000 satisfied female clients. We started as a small male escort agency in Dubai and are now presently working in 5 major cities of UAE. We have given an opportunity to hundreds of unemployed people and a chance to earn part-time to several others.

Women Seeking Men in Abu Dhabi

Any women seeking men in Abu Dhabi can contact us. We have the best male escorts in Abu Dhabi. We have a huge database of gigolos and male escorts. All of them are handsome, educated and polite. Whether you are disappointed with your sex life or looking for a companion to sit by your side, we can help. Just contact our male escort agency in Abu Dhabi to hire a gigolo.

Looking for Gigolo Jobs in Abu Dhabi?

If you have a handsome personality and are willing to become a gigolo, there is a huge opportunity for you. We welcome you to DXB Gigolos (Biggest Gigolo Club in Abu Dhabi). There is no limit for earning by being a male escort; the sky is yours. All you need to do is REGISTER yourself with us. What are you waiting for? Join us now. Registration is 100% FREE.


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Areas We Operate

  • Gigolo Clubs in Khalifa City
  • Gigolo Clubs in Saadiyat Island
  • Gigolo Clubs in Madinat Zayed
  • Gigolo Clubs in Downtown Abu Dhabi
  • Gigolo Clubs in Khalidiya
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Raha
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Muroor
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Rowdah
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Mushrif
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Karamah
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Wahda
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Zahiyah
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Markaziyah
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Reef
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Maryah Island
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Reem Island
  • Gigolo Clubs in Al Raha

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! You can become a gigolo if you are 18 yrs and above. Being a gigolo is one of the most exciting jobs that can be done on a part-time basis.

If you are planning to become a male escort in Abu Dhabi; that’s good. All you need to do is, register yourself with DXB Gigolos or other such clubs. You can get contact details of female clients via these gigolo clubs. Usually, these gigolo clubs or male escort agencies charge a small fee for membership but at DXB Gigolos registration is 100% FREE.

No. Why would you pay her? It is the female client who is going to pay you for your time.

Women seeking men can find gigolos in Abu Dhabi by contacting DXB Gigolos. We have a huge database of gigolos and male escorts in Abu Dhabi. There are lots of other gigolo clubs in Abu Dhabi where females can contact and get details of gigolos.

It is hard to tell an exact count but hopefully, about a dozen or two should be there. Please note, several fake agencies are operating in name of gigolo clubs in Abu Dhabi. Beware of them! DXB Gigolos is one of the oldest and most-trusted gigolo clubs in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is full of opportunities. If you are searching for gigolo jobs in Abu Dhabi, join DXB Gigolos. We can provide you a list of females who always need a passionate companion to satisfy their sexual hunger.

There are a lot of widows and divorced females in Abu Dhabi. Besides these, there also a lot of females who are unhappy with their sex life. They need someone to satisfy this sexual huger. This is why they approach gigolo clubs like ours.

The expectations of females can vary. But, in general, females hire a gigolo to satisfy their sexual hunger. A few females might hire gigolos to get a good companion for a date, a night party, a travel partner or a dance partner. They sometimes hire gigolos to sit by their side and listen to their emotional feelings.

Your personality matters a lot when you meet female clients for the first time. If you are dressed up well and have appealing traits, the chances are likely more to be hired next time. Besides dressing, you should be respectful of females and behave nicely with them. A gigolo needs to understand the nature of a female client and act accordingly with her.

The statement is not 100% true. A sex worker is hired just for sex in exchange for a fee. On the other hand, a gigolo can be hired by females for being their travel partner, date partner, or dance partner. They sometimes need someone to sit by their side and listen to them; that’s why they hire gigolos.

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